Welcome to Vantage Point Farm!

We provide full care service for the equine athlete or family pet, featuring budget-friendly customized programs to meet the needs of every horse.

We are privately owned, in business for over 20 years, attended and monitored 24×7 with trained, experienced and knowledgeable care-givers. Our history of safe care and focus on dietary needs exceeds industry standards. We are proud of our record!

Why Vantage Point Farm?

We believe three essential components work to establish and maintain a quality facility. While these concepts seem simple, there is a constant learning curve involved in staying apace of new developments in feed, footing and fencing technologies (and a myriad of other areas). We strive to keep our facility operating at optimum levels focused on providing the best care possible for your horse.

Our focus:

  1. Safety – horse-safe fencing, accident and injury prevention.
  2. Nutrition – we use premium feed but recognize one formula does not fit all; owners may provide their own horse’s nutrition program, plus we offer the owner a rebate on their board when providing their own grain component for their horse’s diet.
  3. Footing – excellent footing in both indoor and outdoor arenas is essential to prolonging the soundness and life-span of any horse. All arenas have been professionally footed and are maintained on a rigorous schedule.